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Tim Barnes

Founder & Chief Adventure Officer​​

Tim is an adventurous spirit who constantly seeks out new challenges and experiences. Whether he is hiking with his Siberian Husky Loki, surfing, camping, or cooking, Tim will very intentionally find the best way/place/time to do it, and stretch his personal excellence in the process.  This appetite for new challenges drew him to Baja to surf big waves, where he fell in love with magic of the region, (and eventually Katie, too!).  Mexico became the place they ran to whenever there was time.  Meanwhile, back at home, Tim was suffering a near-death experience with boredom working as an investment analyst at a small company.  He and Katie dreamt of an opportunity to share their very favorite adventures with others, and Boca Roja was born!  He and Katie (the First Lady!)  just got married in Bali!

Katie Blando

First Lady

Katie was both the brains and the beauty behind the creation of the company as she was instrumental in transforming the adventurous spirit of Boca Roja into a reality.  She has built a very successful career with JPMorgan as a Private Client Advisor while also being an entrepreneur, graphic designer and all-around fun loving badass.  She consults with the team on all major strategic decisions while leaving the day-to-day operations to Tim.  Katie often joins the adventures when she is not shuttling her two boys around to lacrosse and baseball practices on weekends.  Katie loves her awesome kids, surfing, playing music and eating Tim's delicious cooking!

Dan Berry

Regional Adventure Director (RAD!)

Born and raised in Southern California, Dan now makes his home in Ensenada at our Baja headquarters.  Having grandparents who retired in Ensenada, he fell in love with Baja long ago.  Working in the corporate world, he made a living but not a life, so he decided to make a change and move south of the border!  After joining the Boca Roja team, he has never looked back or "worked" another day.  Charming, funny, handsome, and allergic to cats?  Yep, that's Dan!  But he will still cry at your wedding and beam when he has the opportunity to introduce you to his favorite people and places in Baja.  Be warned, this guy is fun!

Chris McFarlain

Director of Fun and Shenanigans

Hailing from a small town in Louisana, Chris' Southern charm and hospitality is immediately evident when you meet him.  An adventure-seeker at his core, he found himself living the Costa Rican jungle for several years while he explored everything that the beautiful country has to offer.  While he is a master carpenter, swinging a hammer didn't quite invigorate his lively spirit which is how he found his way to Boca Roja!  

Phillip O'Hare
Commander - Baja Operations and Logistics

Felipe has an incredibly unique perspective and knowledge of the entire Baja Peninsula due to his career with a SCORE race team which competes in several events including the world-famous Baja 1000!  When you are exploring Valle de Guadalupe with him be sure to ask for some of his most exciting stories of racing through the wild Baja desert - you can't make this stuff up!  A former Naval Aircraft Mechanic for F/A 18 Hornets, Phil has lived all over the country but has now settled down near the beach in Rosarito to enjoy the calm and peaceful culture in Northern Baja.  He's a gentleman, he's quick to laugh and he knows everyone in town which makes him the perfect Adventure Guide!

Shawn Rash

El Pescador

Shawn has a story that you won't believe but you will love to hear along your epic Baja Adventure!  After growing up in San Diego he started his career stress testing satellites by simulating the physical conditions of outer space in a lab on Earth.  His passion for the ocean and Baja drew him further south where he now lives, directly in front of one of the most famous surfing waves in Baja!  He loves to fish, surf and take long naps...er... road trips through Baja California in search of the next great adventure.  If Shawn is your host, you should be stoked!

Adrian Diaz

El Capitan

As a first generation San Diego native, Ace naturally loves to explore what Baja has to offer.  With roots in Mexico, he took a leap of faith to run a business in Tijuana.  On his daily cross-border commute he grew an appreciation for the local people, lifestyle, culture and, of course, the food in Baja!  He soon ventured into bringing bus loads of friends to experience this amazing region first hand.  Ace joined the Boca Roja team because he offers way more than just your average Driving Ms. Daisy experience.  By the way, Ace loves to sing!   He's smart, funny, witty and loves to talk! He's a fan of chihuahuas, Chinese food and 90's alternative rock! 

Nick Miele

Global Experience Manager (a real GEM!)

Nick is cooler than a cucumber and he brings incredible stories to share with his guests from his extensive world travels!  Whether he is sipping wine at a boutique Baja winery, skating through North County San Diego or hopping from country to country with nothing more than a backpack and his skateboard he is always in search of the next adventure!  His knowledge of Baja is astounding and he loves to be hands-on with his guests to ensure that they have an incredible experience!

Loki Barnes

The Sweetest Boy Of All Time

Loki is a full bred wooly Siberian Husky and was given his name because he is very low-key.  Always up for a new adventure he enjoys joining our groups and Pup Friendly Tours as a guide, companion and amigo.  His favorite foods in Baja are carne asada tacos, machaca con huevos and a cool bowl of agua.  Guests can request that he joins their tour however if you do, be prepared that he is a big time snuggler!


Our Mission


Our highest objective is to provide our customers with extraordinary travel experiences from the very first point of contact to the last moment of their adventure with Boca Roja.  This will be accomplished through an unrelenting focus on the customer experience including exceptional service, prompt and clear communication, obsessive attention to detail and unparalleled access to the best that Baja has to offer.  We will work patiently and diligently to build relationships with business owners in Mexico who are aligned with our Mission and Values and who are willing to be long-term partners in our pursuit to provide exceptional travel adventures.  These long-lasting relationships will allow us to offer our clients experiences that no other travel or Baja wine tour company can.  By maintaining the utmost respect for our customers, partners and the communities we visit we will protect our gold-standard reputation for being the premier travel and wine tour company in Baja.

Our Values



We are passionate about connecting our customers with the rich, beautiful culture in Baja California.  This connection will stay with you longer than any memory of a winery or restaurant as it will be deeply entrenched in the way you view the world and interact with people forever.



Life is about learning and growing both individually and also alongside others.  It is impossible to learn without being exposed to new experiences and in turn, new information.  Boca Roja wants to share exciting new experiences with our customers so that we can learn and grow together.


We are always aware that we are visitors and guests in the places we travel which have their own unique, proud history and are full of many wonderful people.  A gracious attitude and an open mind are essential to enjoying the true beauty and wonder of Baja.  Respect and gratitude will unlock more doors than any key ever could.



Whenever possible we want to share our love and respect with the people we come across in our lives.  No matter where we are and no matter who we are with, there is always an opportunity, whether brief or extended, to share our good fortune with others to help make the world a better place.



Life, in a way, is a zero sum game.  If we have some thing, someone else may be without or in need of it.  We recognize that almost nothing on this Earth is so precious that it cannot be shared or lived without.  Any chance we have to share what we have with others is an opportunity that we will not miss.



Don't take life too seriously.  Don't take yourself too seriously.  Laugh at yourself and with others, often.  Tell the people that you care about how much you love them.  If you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing.  Stop and smell the roses.  Try everything at least once.  Have fun!

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