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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Baja California safe?

This is a question we are asked frequently so we wanted to answer it upfront.  To put it simply – yes!  Just as safe as San Diego or Las Vegas or New York City.  Of course, there are tough parts of town and places to avoid but by and large Northern Baja is a friendly and welcoming community filled with wonderful people and a rich and beautiful culture. We can never absolutely guarantee anyone’s safety in Mexico nor could we do so in the United States which is why take the topic of safety and security very seriously and take every measure to ensure that our guests enjoy a safe and fun experience with Boca Roja!

Any packing travel tips for visiting Mexico?


We recommend packing lightly when visiting Mexico or joining one of our tours.   It’s Mexico, not Napa Valley, so casual dress is encouraged so you can stay comfortable during your time in the wine valley.  Most of the parking and walking is through dirt or gravel paths so please wear appropriate footwear.  Other items to consider bringing are:


  • Sunscreen

  • Camera

  • Extra layer of clothing

  • Hat

  • Change of shoes (for those inclined to wear fancy high-heels)

  • Selfie stick (just NOT bring a selfie stick.  Seriously.)

What is it like crossing the border back into the USA?


As many have heard, crossing the Tijuana border can often be downright painful if you pick the wrong day, wrong time or you don’t know how to navigate the complex city of Tijuana like a 9th degree travel black belt!  In order to effectively solve this issue, we provide an option for our guests access to expedited border crossing Fast Passes and also know a few sneaky tricks to jump in line much closer to the front if need be.  

Do I need to have a passport or visa?


Yes, all participants must have a valid passport prior to their departure with Boca Roja.  If customers need an expedited passport our company will provide them with a Letter of confirmation of travel in order to expedite their passport.

Do we have to get out of the van to clear Customs when going into Mexico or upon return?


No!  One great feature about booking with Boca Roja is that our vehicles are allowed to pass through the Ready Lane, Fast Pass Lane and even SENTRI/Global Entry lanes without our guests having to get out of the vehicle and meet us on the other side.  What this means is that the fun never has to be interrupted for boring administrative activities!

My friend said she crossed with only her drivers license last week.

Can I do that?

Unfortunately our Terms & Conditions state that all of our guests must have a valid and current passport or equivalent international travel document.

Do you have to be 21 years or older to book with Boca Roja?

We are a family-owned company and understand how special it can be to share new experiences with those that are closest to you which is why we do not require that all of our guests are 21 years or older.  

Minors are more than welcome to join our Baja Adventures however we have a strict provision stating that they cannot consume alcohol during the trip.


Do I need to notify my bank when traveling?


If you plan to use your credit or debit card while traveling in Mexico it always a good idea to notify your bank in advance that you will be traveling out of the country.


Will my cell phone work in Mexico?

Unless you already have an international cell or data plan you will likely be charged for international data roaming while in Mexico which can be expensive!  If you need data you can purchase a “day plan” from your cell carrier.


Do the wineries or restaurants have Wi-Fi?


Some of them do but the majority of them do not.  We think this is a good thing because it allows our guests to detach, relax and be present with the closest friends and family while enjoying an exciting adventure together!

Do I need to bring cash?  Dollars or Pesos?


We definitely recommend bringing cash to Mexico because some of the wineries and restaurants are cash only.  99% of vendors except both US Dollars and Pesos and bringing smaller bills makes it easier on local vendors to make change.

What precautions do you take to protect my safety and security?

Boca Roja prides itself in having a vast amount of local knowledge throughout Baja California.  Our Adventure Guides are a mixture of passionate Baja locals consisting of surfers, Baja rally racers, as well as wine and food experts.  All of our guides have been traveling to Baja for years and are extremely experienced in handling particular driving conditions as well as impromptu issues.  Boca Roja is the number one company for a reason and our guest’s safety is our number one concern.  Holding all of the correct licenses and insurance we go a step further to have our fleet of vehicles regularly inspected and maintained.  Finally, we practice “common sense travel protocol” by avoiding sketchy areas, driving on heavily trafficked roads which are patrolled by local law enforcement and do not spend time in busy areas at night. 


Do you have commercial Mexican insurance?


Yes, we maintain the maximum coverage of commercial insurance to ensure our clients are sufficiently covered in the event of any emergency situation that may arise. 


Can I bring my own food and beverages?


Yes, you can absolutely bring your own food and beverage with you on your Baja Adventure. However, we do keep coolers in our vans stocked with ice cold water and beer or wine to quench the thirsts of our guests during the trip.


Is the water safe to drink in Mexico?


Unfortunately, the tap water is not safe to drink in Mexico and even the locals refrain from drinking it.  However, all of the water at wineries, restaurants, and breweries is filtered and perfectly safe to drink.


What kind of vehicles do you use?


Boca Roja provides a wide variety of both standard and luxury vehicles for our guests depending on the size of their group.  Our vehicle fleet consists of basic shuttle vans, Ford Transit high-roof vans, Mercedes Sprinter high-roof vans, and luxury SUV’s for smaller groups.

Where do your tours meet for departure?


Boca Roja Baja Adventures meet for departure in San Diego as well areas in Baja ranging from Tijuana to Ensenada.  Our standard meeting location in San Diego is the Park N Fly Lot #3 near the San Diego Airport however you can add the premium service of pick-up at your home or hotel for a modest additional fee. 


Can I bring my dog?


Heck yeah!  Well, sorta heck yeah!  Boca Roja is the only dog-friendly Baja Adventure company we have designed specific packages for our guests who wish to travel with their four-legged furry friends!  Given that all of our tours are private bookings it is more a function of will your group be OK with you bringing Sparky but you can rest assured that we are happy to have them!  The only consideration would be that some restaurants and wineries are not dog-friendly so we would simply adjust the schedule accordingly.   


How long does it take to get to Valle de Guadalupe?


Once our adventures cross the San Ysidro border, which is located 15 miles south of Downtown San Diego.  Once we cross the border into Tijuana it takes approximately an hour and a half to reach Valle de Guadalupe.  This timeframe also depends on how many delicious street tacos you eat at our favorite taco spot in Rosarito on the way!


What’s the weather like?


During the summer months the temperature can get quite hot in the in Valle and reach temperatures in excess of 100 degrees.  It is very important to stay hydrated during the summer months as we explore our favorite wineries, breweries and restaurants.  However, during the fall, winter, and spring months the temperature can be quite cool if not downright cold as the wine valley is flanked by beautiful mountains which act like wind tunnel.   During the late Fall, Winter and early Spring months we highly recommend bringing extra layers and preparing for a chilly day in Baja.


Does the “bus” have a bathroom?


Our fleet of adventure vans do not have bathrooms on-board however your expert guide is intimately knowledgeable about the region and along with that knowledge they can find you a bathroom at a moment's notice.

When is a good time to visit Valle de Guadalupe?


Follow up question:  when is a bad time to have an amazing travel experience with family and friends?!  Regardless of the day of week or time of year there is always something very special to see and do in Valle de Guadalupe and the greater Northern Baja region.


As a rule of thumb, weekdays are the absolute easiest to travel in terms of crowds and border traffic, Saturdays are next best and then Sundays can be somewhat nightmarish when considering the wait at the border on the drive home.

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